Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cosplay!!: Chandra Nalaar, Magic:The gathering


Helloooo dorks and dorkettes! So anyone out there play Magic: The gathering? Because my next venture in the land of cosplay is Chandra Nalaar- the firey tembpered, armour clad, all around badass.
Now theres only a few other people out on the interweb that ive seen do a chandra cosplay examples:
 This one is the most similar to my plans.
Fabulousity, obviously since theyre in Russia.

 Just plain Badass, loving it.

 My favorite picture, and i believe is the same person as the first picture.
So then this is my rough sketch for the costume:
Armor- Aluminum plating?
Chainmail- Poptabs from sodacans, I found a amazing instructable that turned out to be the most badass chainmail ever.
The belt, top, gloves, and leg base armor (not shown) will be red faux leather and aluminum plating, possibly.
The goggles will most likely end up being red lenses and a leather strap, still figuring out how to make the frame.
Of course the wig is supposed to be flame like so ill either use a flyaway redish orange wig or a long flame red wig.
Either way this will be AMAZING! (and a ton of effort, woohoo!)


  1. I'm the first picture and the last picture on this list :) I bought my goggles for 20 bucks on etsy, if that helps

    1. Thanks, Ill probably make them myself though, much more fun that way. If I cant I may order them. But if you have any tips on how to create the armor, shoes, actual outfit, etc.. I would love them!